Club Rules – Jodrell Bank Angling Club

Please read these rules carefully before you fish and be observant of the rules as we operate a “three-strikes and you’re out” policy.

First offence – warning
Second offence – final warning
Third offence – removal of card without refund

If you break more than one rule on your first offence, then that will be considered a second offence and final warning.

Any member having been found guilty by the Committee of bringing Jodrell Bank Angling Club into disrepute shall be instantly expelled without refund.  This shall include, but is not limited to, confrontation with our bailiffs and water owners either face to face or via social media sites.

Member Responsibilities:

  1. The club accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or injury to persons or property.  Members fishing do so at their own risk.
  2. Fishing permitted from sunrise to one hour after sunset.
  3. Only park your vehicles at the places provided and make room for fellow members to come and go.
  4. Ensure all gates are closed properly after entry and exit and be respectful of the landowner’s fields and crops.
  5. Noise and disturbance to be kept to a minimum.  The use of radios permitted on the clear understanding as not to cause annoyance to fellow members and that the volume must be kept low.
  6. Alcohol, narcotics and non-prescription drugs of any kind are not permitted on our waters.  Members found to be under the influence of drink or drugs will face a lifetime ban.
  7. Members must not interfere in any way with other anglers fishing, to include casting across fishing lines and other’s swims.  The stalking of fish is permitted but must not interrupt another member’s swim.
  8. Only one rod/pole to be used at any time on any of the club’s waters.
  9. Baited rods are not to be left unattended at any time for any reason, either in or out of the water.
  10. Club officials may ask to see your club card (with recent photo permanently affixed – without which it isn’t valid) together with your current EA rod fishing licence.  You will be asked to leave if you cannot produce them.  Officials may also ask to inspect rigs in use.
  11. New members can only fish from the commencement date of their card, which will be 1st May.

Tackle and Bait:

  1. The use of livebaits, deadbaits, spinners and lures is strictly prohibited.
  2. No fixed leads/feeders allowed, only free running or X-Safe system permitted.
  3. No braided line allowed.
  4. Barbed hooks are strictly forbidden, including whisker barbed.  Barbless hooks only, maximum size 10.
  5. No tin cans of any type allowed.  All bait to be in plastic containers or bait tubs.
  6. No loose feeding of boilies.  Boilies to be used as hook bait only.
  7. A maximum of 1 kilo of ground bait or pellets to be used in any session.  Please use common sense and do not over feed.

Fish Welfare:

  1. Anyone found wilfully harming or removing fish will be expelled without refund.
  2. Each member must carry and have ready to use an adequately sized, ‘fish-friendly’ landing net and a padded unhooking mat.
  3. Any fish over 4oz must be landed using your landing net and either unhooked in it (above the ground), or on your padded unhooking mat.  Never use a towel or gloves to handle fish.
  4. Unhooking mats should be kept cool and should be wetted before use, e.g. place your wet landing net containing the fish onto the mat.  Clean and dry the mat before your next trip.
  5. Never leave a fish unattended on your unhooking mat while preparing for a photograph.  If holding your catch for a photograph, adopt a kneeling position and support the fish carefully over your unhooking mat.
  6. Stay at your peg and do not walk around with fish.  Minimise the time any fish is out of the water.
  7. No keepnets allowed from March 15 until June 15, inclusive.  When using keepnets, make sure they are well placed in the water and fish are to be returned after four hours.  Strictly no fish weighing more than 3lb to be kept in keepnets.

The Environment:

  1. Please ensure that the water, the surrounding area, the fish, the wildlife and fellow members are treated with the utmost respect.
  2. No lighting of fires, including barbecues and camping stoves.
  3. All litter to be cleared from a member’s peg during fishing and all litter to be taken home.  The club will not tolerate any litter being left behind by members.

Updated 14th March 2022