Membership availability

The membership for each season is opened to new members in April in readiness for commencement on 1st May.

Once the membership limit is reached a waiting list will be put in force.

Existing members please ensure that your annual subscriptions are made on or before the 14th April to secure your membership for the following season.
Failure to do so could result in a new member on the waiting list obtaining the vacant place available.

(Membership renewal for the new season)

Please note membership starts on the 1st of May for each season.
Members must renew before being eligible to fish any JBAC waters.

Any member who has not renewed for the new season will be kindly asked to leave until they have renewed their membership.

Jodrell Bank Angling Club are delighted with the way the club has taken off and are rightly proud of our reputation as a friendly and well run fishing club.  A massive thank you to all the members who have contributed to make the club the success that it has become.

We are proud that the club has achieved what we set out to do, offering excellent fishing on all the waters and to have a friendly, relaxed club where the members make friends with their fellow members.

The Facebook group is also very active and all the members happily share tips/info and catch returns.


The water management team have been busy again replacing and repairing the stages on Brookbank Pool and Jimmies. If members notice any pegs that are in need of attention on any of the waters could you please ring Pete with the details. Thank you.

Work Parties

Weather permitting we have a regular schedule which includes developing and maintaining our waters, including but not limited to, planting and trimming back water plants, grass cutting and strimming, cutting back trees and installing and maintaining of stages. Thank you to the many members who volunteer in assisting the water management team.

During the course of the year we sometimes need large work parties and other times just a few people. It is  a great way to meet your fellow anglers and to share the knowledge of the waters.

If you would like to help with any of the maintenance work parties please contact Pete Merry. We normally work between 9.30am and 1pm on a Saturday but also may require some help during the week.