Valley Pool re-opened

We have recently had water testing at this pool which revealed a high ammonia content. This is quite serious and if we do not take urgent action we could be faced with a big fish kill.

With certain corrective measures we will be able to lower the concentration and resume fishing. This includes dropping the water level, removing fish stocks if there are too many, planting of margin and other aquatic plants which will absorb the ammonia and refreshing the water from the brook.

This could take some time to get right,with ongoing water testing at each stage to ensure the success of the measures, so, although a number of you love to fish this water, please bear with us as it is likely to fish better after this work is done.

Update 25th August. Following another test this water still has a high ammonia content and so we are attempting to treat it further with friendly bacteria to re-establish the nitrogen cycle. As such it remains closed. Once treated we will test it again after a month to check on progress.

Update November 2021 – Fishing is allowed again on this pool, however, the problem has not gone away. We ask you to test fish and report your catches or lack there of. We are most interested in silver fish catches as we know the larger carp have a greater degree of tolerance to the ammonia. Please also moderate any feed as we do not wish to make the problem worse.