Rudheath Pool

Parking for Rudheath go through the gate and close it behind you.

We are pleased to announce that this pool will be open to all members from 1st April 2020. A significant amount of work has gone in to making this available to fish as it hadn’t been fished for over 20 years.

We have already stocked it with 200lb of 1 to 3lb carp, 200 chub 6-8″, 200 F1’s 6-8 inch but no doubt will need to add silver fish.

There may be a surprise or two as we don’t exactly know what is still in the pool.

Depths are generally 4 to 6 feet and with an island to fish to, which has deep margins to it, as our work party volunteers can testify to.

Rudheath Pool is at Lakeside Bungalow, Knutsford Road, Cranage CW4 8HJ. From the Holmes Chapel end on the A50 go past Spinney Motorhomes and Windy Ridge garage you will see the entrance drive for Rudheath Lodge Farm on your right (almost opposite the left turn to Northwich). Follow the drive for 80 yards to a turning on the right for Lakeside over the cattle grids and then round to the left by the Bungalow.

Parking:- As you approach the bungalow turn left and keep to the left hand fence towards the pool. Go through the newly constructed fence and gate, closing it behind you. Park alongside the fence leaving room for other cars.