Pewitt Hall Farm Pool

This is a cracking little pool, set amongst the lush green fields of Carbutts Turf Limited, and close to Courthouse Pool. There is a small island to fish towards if you are so inclined and depths range from 3 feet to 6 feet but generally around the 5 feet mark average.

Fish species present are:- Carp to double figures, Bream, Roach, Rudd, Tench, Crucians and good sized Perch.

Directions:- Follow Back Lane Brereton until you see the turf farm and the farm house opposite Wards Lane. 50 yards further on, on your right , you will see two gates. Open and drive through the right hand gate, closing it behind you, and follow the arrow straight track to a patch of hard standing.

The pool is right in front of you once you reach the hard standing, where you must park up, do not drive on the grass, as it will prove most costly to your bank balance.

Please note whilst there are other pools on this farm they are not to be fished nor should you wander around them as this will be treated as trespass.

Please note a speed limit of 10mph is to be strictly kept to, as the track is also a public footpath, and also ensure that the gate is kept closed after entry and exit.

Address:- Pewitt Hall Farm Pool, Back Lane, Brereton, CW11 1RL.