Orchard Farm Pool (is currently closed)

Orchard farm pool at present has 12 pegs and under consideration to expand further pegs. It’s a water that the club are happy to add to their portfolio and one which the club are proud of gaining through reputation.

Members have at present caught mostly Common and Mirror carp upwards of 5lb Some very small carp have also been caught indicating that they are breeding well. We are hopeful of having another mixed fishery when it’s been established what the requirements are.

Parking is on the opposite side to the farm entrance Orchard pool is within the grounds of a very large dairy farm Please be very careful entering and leaving the pool and take into consideration that it’s a very active working farm.

Please note that members fishing this pool should use the toilet facilities that the owners have very kindly made available to us. If you do not know where they are then ask another member or one of the farm workers. This is very important as there are many female staff and visitors to the farm.

The farm is often used as a wedding venue, and on those occasions it is we are asked to refrain from fishing. We will publish the dates in advance on our Facebook page.

Orchard Farm/Twemlow La, Crewe, CW4 8DS