New membership subs for the 2020 season

Pete & Elaine Merry would like to thank all the members for another fantastic season. Renewals are welcome from 1st February.

Please enclose your passport sized photograph for your latest renewal this will be put in your card by Elaine. You can either pay direct to the account Jodrell Bank Angling Club sort code 205108 account 33095924 or send your cheque and a stamped addressed envelope to the usual address:- Brookbank Farm, Bridge Lane, Blackden, CW4 8BX.

Pete & Elaine have increased the membership subs for the 2020 season to £65. Juniors will stay at the same price.

Since the club was first formed it has taken on extra waters, with extra rents, maintenance and fish stocks required, with further maintenance and fish stocking scheduled.

Unhooking Mats

Having received the latest offenders report from Martin Watson our Head Bailiff we have taken the decision to purchase an initial supply of unhooking mats as members are still being found without them on our waters. It is a requirement that members have with them and use an unhooking mat to protect our fish stocks. A 2lb carp costs us over £13 to replace and so you should be aware that it is essential part of your fishing kit. Once they arrive if you are found without one you will have the option to purchase one from Pete Merry for £10 or leave the water.

For the record if found without one it will still be recorded as a breaking of the rules but at least there should be no excuse going forward if you make the purchase. Any surplus from the sale of the mats will go to the stocking fund.

Membership 2020/2021

As of today 11th June 2020 we have reached our self imposed limit for this season. Please use the contact form and your name can be added to the waiting list, if a space becomes available, or for next year 2021/2022 if you so desire.

Covid 19 update 29.5.2020

Revised guidelines

For Freshwater Anglers


You should travel to fishing venues on your own or with members of your household – abide by current guidelines on social distancing whilst fishing.


Maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from other people (unless members of your household) in line with government guidance.


Only travel based on what is allowed under current Government guidelines.


You can fish with members of your household or one person outside your household – stick to social distancing guidelines at all times.


The Head of Sports Participation at DCMS agreed that the new Angling Trust best practice guidelines were ‘sensible’ and could now be issued as the basis for a safe resumption of match fishing in England from May 25th.


For match fishing, we favour leaving peg spacing to the common sense of match organisers. A 15 metre space would be preferable for pleasure fishing and it is the standard on our river matches but we recognise there are venues where this is impractical.


No sharing of fishing tackle or other items under current guidance. 


Do not leave home if you have symptoms of Covid-19 and follow Government advice on self-isolation.


The Angling Trust was unsuccessful in attempts to persuade the government to allow the reopening of tackle shops to coincide with the resumption of angling on May 13th. It now looks as iF they will be reopening on June 15th. Tackle shops are able to carry on trading by remote ordering (online, phone text or post).


Many clubs & fisheries are using booking systems. Check you are permitted to fish before travelling. Fishing without permission is illegal.


Use hand sanitiser before and after touching locks, gates etc. Disposable gloves and use of face masks where appropriate are recommended.


Pay careful attention to club & fishery notices – if you are unsure speak to a venue for guidance. 


Following the government statement of May 13th 2020 and the accompanying guidelines from the DCMS, fishing at night in England is currently permissible.


Following the return of match fishing to the new COVID compliant best practice guidelines the Angling Trust has revised the overall guidance in respect of no longer discouraging the use of keepnets.


Following government approval for water sports to resume, we can clarify that this includes solo boat and kayak fishing, and shared boat fishing on both sea and freshwater with a household member or one other person where social distancing can be maintained.


No sharing of fishing positions / pegs except by members of the same household.


All freshwater anglers must be in possession of the relevant Environment Agency Rod Fishing Licence.


Please remember that the coarse fishing close season for rivers and some stillwaters remains in place until June 16th.


In view of the change in guidance from the Angling Trust we are now allowing members to fish on adjacent pegs, you no longer need to leave a free space at either side of you. Please continue to a maintain social distancing of at least 2 metres when at any of our venues which are open.

Bailiffs apply our rules

Can I ask all members to please refresh themselves on the rules of the club in particular the rule that states:- Any member having been found guilty by the committee of bringing Jodrell Bank Angling Club into disrepute shall be instantly expelled without refund. This shall include but is not limited to confrontation with our bailiffs and water owners either face to face or via social media sites.

We have had reports of members being abusive to our bailiffs and this will not be tolerated – FINAL WARNING!

Database directory

Howard Orton has kindly offered to create and run a spreadsheet of members for Pete and Elaine so please, either text him on 07843 630663, or use our group Facebook page which is only visible to members to provide him the following details.

Full name and address and membership number 2020/21 season

Car registration number

Telephone number preferably mobile

This will greatly aid us in the administrative running of the club and we appreciate Howard’s help in this matter.

Kell Green Lane Pool opened 13.5.2020

We opened this 16 stage pool on 13.5.2020 even though the stages had not been installed due to social distancing measures in force. Stages have since been added to provide fishing from the Southern bank of the pool, and one stage has been installed on the North bank, next to the car park, specifically for any disabled angler who is not able to walk round to the South side.

It can be described as a snake lake with a wider section at one end which also has an Island to fish to. With depths of up to 12 feet, this pool was dug out last year by the landowner and was stocked by ourselves with fish to give an immediate impact.

We have stocked Common Carp, Mirror Carp, Crucian Carp, Tench, F1’s, Roach, Bream and Chub pictures of which you will have seen on Facebook previously.

The security gates for this water only open at 6a.m do not arrive before this time. If you arrive and they have not yet been opened, then the number has been posted on our Facebook Group page only ( as this is a closed group and not public )

From the A537 Chelford Road towards Chelford from Knutsford turn left at the Hall at Marthall on to Sandlebridge Lane, then after half a mile turn left into Pinfold Lane and then again after half a mile turn right into Kell Green Lane (Google mistakenly show this as Sandlebridge Lane again)

Sat Nav WA16 7SL will lead you to Kell Green Hall Farm on the left. On arrival turn left, right, left to navigate the containers to the North West corner of the yard. Then follow the left edge of the field on a track which runs 90 degrees right at the bottom, follow this to the end as this is the end you should access the pool from.

Rudheath Pool

We are pleased to announce that this pool will be open to all members from 1st April 2020. See the Waters section for details.

Kell Green Lane Pool

As some of you already know this pool is currently being developed, having been recently dug by the owner, it is a virgin water and requires fish.

We have registered the water with the Environment Agency and obtained the relevant site permit to introduce fish. We have already begun the stocking process but it is some way off being ready, although we anticipate it will be ready in the spring of next year (2020).

We have so far stocked Crucian, Tench, F1’s, Common and Mirror Carp and ordered Roach, Bream, Perch and Chub. The stocked fish have been supplied by Sports and Leisure Fishery from whom we obtained the tench and crucians for Goldies and the silvers have now been supplied by Parsons Pools (formerly Fair Fisheries). Chub have been purchased from Furnace Mill Fisheries who supplied them by overnight courier.

It can generally be described as a snake lake with a wider section at one end which has an island to it. It is similar in that respect to Jimmies pool but is deeper ( up to 12 feet we think) and wider at the island end. It should therefore respond to all methods, float, pole and feeder.

River Goyt

We are delighted to announce that we have been offered a stretch of the River Goyt at Stockport, having been approached by Offerton Cricket Club via two of our existing members.

This will be part of our portfolio from the 1st February 2019 albeit there will be some work required to provide access to swims which has not yet been undertaken.

Access to the stretch is from the Offerton Cricket Club Car Park at the bottom of quite a steep drive and the gate at the top is secured with a combination padlock. Anyone wishing to fish this water should phone Pete Merry to obtain the number in advance. YOU MUST LOCK UP BEHIND YOURSELF ON ENTRY & EXIT AND ALWAYS DISPLAY YOUR JBAC CAR STICKER.

There are known to be double figure barbel in the River Goyt, large chub, roach , dace perch and gudgeon.

Close Season March 15th to June 16th

Address:- Offerton Cricket Club, Woodlands Drive, Offerton, Stockport SK2 5AP.

Stocking Fund 2018


This year we have introduced new stock to our waters as follows:-

May 2018 100 tench and 200 crucians to Goldies Pool

December 2018 300 Chub and 100 Perch split between Bomish, Jimmies, Hollins and Valley.

We welcome continued support to our stocking fund for 2019.