Kell Green Lane Pool

As some of you already know this pool is currently being developed, having been recently dug by the owner, it is a virgin water and requires fish.

We have registered the water with the Environment Agency and obtained the relevant site permit to introduce fish. We have already begun the stocking process but it is some way off being ready, although we anticipate it will be ready in the spring of next year.

We have so far stocked Crucian, Tench, F1’s, Common and Mirror Carp and have ordered Roach, Bream, Perch and Chub. The stocked fish have been supplied by Sports and Leisure Fishery from whom we obtained the tench and crucians for Goldies and the silvers will be supplied by Parsons Pools (formerly Fair Fisheries). Chub have been requested from Furnace Mill Fisheries who we are expecting reply from shortly.

It can generally be described as a snake lake with a wider section at one end which has an island to it. It is similar in that respect to Jimmies pool but is deeper ( up to 12 feet we think) and wider at the island end. It should therefore respond to all methods, float, pole and feeder.

Orchard Farm Pool

Notice is given that this pool will be closed for the period 1st November 2019 to 31st December 2019 (inclusive) as Ryan’s wife Becky is due to give birth within the next week.

They require, therefore, privacy and peace during this period and we thank you in anticipation of your understanding.

Notices have been placed at the car park entrance, car park exit, by the rules, and also by the gate where you would enter to go fishing. Please do not let us down as we are already on notice at this water.

Waiting list

We have received enquiries recently asking if memberships are still available. At the last count based on a considered figure of 300 members we have ten places left. As and when new waters become available to fish we review our membership limit. The season runs until 30th April 2020 and so there are still seven months of fishing left. Please see the membership section for details of how to apply in person or by post.

We aim to reply to all contacts made via the website, however, on more than one occasion now the reply made has not been delivered due to an incorrect email address or blocking of our response.

Valley Pool

We are pleased to announce that Valley Pool will be available to fish by all members from 1st September 2019, please see the “Waters” section of this site to find out how to access the water and for details of depths and fish stocks.


We have just received a phone call from Adam Brown at Orchard Farm saying that they’re unhappy with the attitude of some of our members who have gone to fish there.

That has been compounded by people turning up to fish on the day of his grandfather’s funeral, despite our notice on Facebook and signs put up saying no fishing. As a final straw and more disturbing is a member urinating in their private garden when toilet facilities have been provided at not inconsiderable expense to them.( If you don’t know where they are then ask).

The committee will not tolerate this type of behaviour and fully support the owners, who are the most welcoming people you could hope to meet.

It has taken time, effort and money to develop this water and the actions of a few have placed us in jeopardy of losing it through thoughtlessness and lack of respect. We are most disappointed with those few members as further transgression will mean we lose this water.


Pewitt Hall Farm pool

Open from 1st June 2019 we have taken this water on and cleared reedmace to make it available to fish.


From 1st May 2019 This water is under the control of Prince Albert Angling Society and enquiries should be addressed to them accordingly.

River Goyt

We are delighted to announce that we have been offered a stretch of the River Goyt at Stockport, having been approached by Offerton Cricket Club via two of our existing members.

This will be part of our portfolio from the 1st February 2019 albeit there will be some work required to provide access to swims which has not yet been undertaken.

Access to the stretch is from the Offerton Cricket Club Car Park at the bottom of quite a steep drive and the gate at the top is secured with a combination padlock. Anyone wishing to fish this water should phone Pete Merry to obtain the number in advance. YOU MUST LOCK UP BEHIND YOURSELF ON ENTRY & EXIT AND ALWAYS DISPLAY YOUR JBAC CAR STICKER.

There are known to be double figure barbel in the River Goyt, large chub, roach , dace perch and gudgeon.

Close Season March 15th to June 16th

Address:- Offerton Cricket Club, Woodlands Drive, Offerton, Stockport SK2 5AP.

Stocking Fund 2018


This year we have introduced new stock to our waters as follows:-

May 2018 100 tench and 200 crucians to Goldies Pool

December 2018 300 Chub and 100 Perch split between Bomish, Jimmies, Hollins and Valley.

We welcome continued support to our stocking fund for 2019.

New membership subs for the 2019 season

Pete & Elaine Merry would like to thank all the members for another fantastic season. Renewals are welcome from 1st February.

Pete & Elaine have maintained the membership subs for the 2019 season at £60. Intermediates and juniors will stay at the same price.

Since the club was first formed it has taken on extra waters, with extra rents, maintenance and fish stocks required, with further maintenance and fish stocking scheduled.

If you would like to join please tel Pete 07876 203010 or Elaine 07984 132017 and they will arrange it with you.