Kell Green Lane Pool

As some of you already know this pool is currently being developed, having been recently dug by the owner, it is a virgin water and requires fish.

We have registered the water with the Environment Agency and obtained the relevant site permit to introduce fish. We have already begun the stocking process but it is some way off being ready, although we anticipate it will be ready in the spring of next year (2020).

We have so far stocked Crucian, Tench, F1’s, Common and Mirror Carp and ordered Roach, Bream, Perch and Chub. The stocked fish have been supplied by Sports and Leisure Fishery from whom we obtained the tench and crucians for Goldies and the silvers have now been supplied by Parsons Pools (formerly Fair Fisheries). Chub have been purchased from Furnace Mill Fisheries who supplied them by overnight courier.

It can generally be described as a snake lake with a wider section at one end which has an island to it. It is similar in that respect to Jimmies pool but is deeper ( up to 12 feet we think) and wider at the island end. It should therefore respond to all methods, float, pole and feeder.