New membership subs for the 2020 season

Pete & Elaine Merry would like to thank all the members for another fantastic season. Renewals are welcome from 1st February.

Please enclose your passport sized photograph for your latest renewal this will be put in your card by Elaine. Send your cheque and a stamped addressed envelope to the usual address:- Brookbank Farm, Bridge Lane, Blackden, CW4 8BX.

Pete & Elaine have increased the membership subs for the 2020 season to £65. Juniors will stay at the same price.

Since the club was first formed it has taken on extra waters, with extra rents, maintenance and fish stocks required, with further maintenance and fish stocking scheduled.

If you would like to join please tel Pete 07876 203010 or Elaine 07984 132017 and they will arrange it with you.